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tailored shirts

The perfectly tailored shirts

The option of asking a tailor to stitch a shirt particularly for you must be explored for easier shirts that work well to your body. At identical time, whereas giving the measures to the tailor, you must conjointly listen to some vogue tips to form your temperament a lot of respectable. Recognize that every shirt that you simply wear speaks ...

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pleated skirt

Types of Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts are back with different varieties. They are fashionable and can be short, long, printed, nude, tea length or coloured. They give classy feminine look or you can wear them with boots, heels or flats. Box Pleated Skirt These skirts have pleats that face one another in the alternative directions. Box pleats are fashioned by folding the clothe piece ...

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black cardigan


In the constantly changing world of fashion the long black has become too main stream to be obsolete any time soon. A rising interest is growing with many a brands now focusing on cardigans to stay ahead in the market. Light long loose sweaters, cardigans goes with free lowing, loving, and amiable personalities. But colour has an important role to ...

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green bridesmaid dresses

Green bridesmaid dresses that make your wedding fashionable

Choosing the right green bridesmaid dresses makes your wedding day look wow. The green bridesmaid dresses you choose should be able to make your bridesmaid sexy and of good shape. It should also look better in comparison with yours. What should you consider when choosing the green bridesmaid dresses? First you have to find the right feel and decide how ...

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cargo pants

Tips for cargo pants

Cargo pants were first used in the British army basically for storage application. The name is connected with the large cargo pockets on each side of the pants. They may also also be called cargo trousers. They number of cargo pockets that come with each cargo trouser is not limited to two, more pockets are usually added for the purpose ...

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